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Need help? Here are a few hints to make your search more successful:

  • Most Dayhikes are less than 10 miles long. If you use traditional logic, figure you move at about two miles and hour, plus 30 minutes for every thousand feet in elevation (if you're average). That means a 6 mile hike with 2,000 feet in elevation gain will take about four hours.
  • Regions - The "Region" designation on the result page refers to the particular area of the White Mountains, as designated by the AMC's White Mountain Guide. These also happen to coincide with the name of the towns nearby, the mountains in the area, or the State's name for that region.
  • Views - Simply, a "Yes" means there is something worthwhile to look at; a panoramic, a nice waterfall, pond, lake, etc, or a something else of interest. Presumably all responses on this should be "Yes" but you'd be surprised.
  • What do I do if I submit a request and nothing comes back? - Try being less restrictive on your criteria. If you searched for a Multi-Day loop hike in the presidentials that is under 7 miles with views, chances are you aren't going to find much. Try going with that same hike but set "loop" to "No" or extend your distance to 15 miles. Your results will improve.
  • Difficulty - A higher difficulty level will indicate tougher terrain (such as the rockslide on Mt. Tripyramid) or unusually steep grade, or perhaps a tough trail to follow. Easy designation means just about any casual hiker can make the trip.
  • Trip Report - A "Yes" with a link means you'll find a trip report about this hike on Hike-NH.com (just click on the "Yes"), a "No" means you'll have to find detailed information about this hike elsewhere (usually the White Mountain Guide). If you don't know where to look, feel free to email us, we'll let you know where we found the hike.



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